Eye-catching gift wrapping ideas

05 December 2013

Eye-catching gift wrapping ideas

Try your hand at some interesting and unique gift wrapping ideas this Christmas. Make your own paper, add ribbons, buttons, photographs and personalise your gifts to really make an impression.

  • Use maps, newspaper, cartoon strips, sheet music and fabric as wrapping paper
  • Wooden boxes can be a great alternative to wrapping paper
  • Let kids design their own wrapping paper by adding crayons
  • Colour coding eliminates the need for gift tags Monogram
  • Add buttons, ribbons, lace, flowers etc
  • When giving money you can fold it into interesting shapes

Even the simplest of materials can be made beautiful, when it comes to gift wrapping use your imagination!

Try some of these suggestions from the Kilkenny Design Centre.

Plus download some free printable gift tags from Irish designer maker Ursula Celano's website.

Check out our Pinterest board for some more ideas.

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