onlocation - a study in place

An exhibition of wearable art, exploring different responses to the idea of place and location, curated by Erika Marks.

onlocation is a response work to The “Adornment” exhibition which took place at the Leitrim Design House in July 2011. This exhibition takes place in November to celebrate the Year of Craft –Jewellery Month. Opens on Thursday 24th November 7pm -8.30pm.

Makers: Caroline Walshe, Soraya Ricalde, Wendy Knight, Daniele Vesque, Naomi Draper, Jelena Fischer, Eileen Abbott and Erika Marks.

The onlocation project started from the idea of place, prompted by the Water Festival being held in Carrick-on-Shannon. The Water Festival’s identity arises out of Carrick-on-Shannon being on the banks of the River Shannon - if there was no river, the festival’s identity would be totally altered... a discussion about the importance held by ideas of place in people’s lives led on to the idea of bringing together makers and artists from different disciplines, to see what diversity there could be in the various responses to the subject.

Ideas of place can take many forms – as many as there are people to experience them… they can be real or imaginary, experienced in person or only heard of, be natural or manmade, evoke feelings of safety or danger - the catalogue of variations is endless… this is clearly demonstrated by the exhibition we have now. Though the show was originally planned to coincide with the Year of Craft 2011 Focus on Jewellery in November, the project expanded to become one dealing with Wearable Art in any form. This was to make it accessible to as many disciplines as possible - and to be an opportunity for makers who wouldn’t normally think of making anything of a wearable nature. The exhibition now encompasses people working in such differing fields as jewellery, ceramics, glasswork, millinery, fashion design and fine art…

Each maker was asked to consider their response to ideas of place, and the connections formed in their mind by these ideas. Each of them has produced a unique work, inspired by a location of importance to them. The resulting project has given rise to some very personal work, at times using materials and themes not usually considered when working within their traditional field of expertise. These themes range from childhood experiences, through the natural world in different forms, to concepts of freedom and belonging - and all arising from thoughts of place.


Clay / Glass / Metal / Other / Textiles / Wood

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24 November to 08 December 2011


Leitrim Design House, The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim

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