Exhibition of Irish Jewellery Designers ‘Éagsúil’

Six contemporary jewellers based in Ireland with varying backgrounds and styles will come together to exhibit in Gallery 'KusKovu', Prague

In April 2014 Gallery KusKovu will present recent works of renowned Irish jewellery designers. You can see creations by Filip Vanas, Eily O Connell, Eoin M Lyons, Julie Connellan, Lynsay Raine and Justyna Truchanowska. The exhibition entitled "Éagsúil" - in Irish "diverse" - will offer a show of varied approaches of these artists to the contemporary jewellery.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 3rd April at 7pm by the Irish Ambassador in Prague, Mrs Alison Kelly and will run for one month.

Filip Vanas
The initiator and curator of this exhibition is Czech-Irish jewellery designer Filip Vanas. Filip Vanas lives and works in Dublin, Ireland where he moved from his native Czech Republic in 2005 after graduating from architectural college. Due to the recession he was made redundant from his architectural job in 2009 and decided to take a career break and take some jewellery courses on National College of Art and Design under tuition of renowned jeweller Erika Marks. This new experience together with few months of experiments at home have determined a new direction for his career. His work fully reflects his architectural background: simple shapes, dramatic contrasts, vivid colours, unusual materials and a long and structured design process. But despite the complex technical approach, Filip always tries to keep his designs as simple as possible, so the beauty of pure geometrical shapes amplified by the colours can stand out. His favourite materials are silver, aluminium and epoxy resin. About the joint exhibition with his fellow artists he says: "Éagsúil" means in Irish "diverse" and we were trying to put together as diverse group of makers as possible to represent the wide spectrum of Irish contemporary jewellery. I trust we achieved that. Also I am very pleased to act as a connecting link between the Irish and Czech scene, in a way I am closing a circle now."

Eily O Connell
Eily O Connell, another exhibiting jewellery designer, cooperated with Filip Vanas on the exhibition preparations. She finds her inspiration in natural forms that each have appeal and intrinsic characters. She says: "I study them delicately before deciding how I will encapsulate their inherent attributes by recording them in a metal opens a new world for them, allowing change in their disposition, enhancing their mystic." O Connell creates wearable pieces of art that have a mysterious and other worldy presence.

Eoin M Lyons
The main aesthetic in jewellery making will be represented by Eoin M Lyons. This young jewellery designer based in Dublin is inspired by a boyish fascination with mechanical objects and technology. He creates linear structures from iron, steel, silver and gold wire. Sometimes embossed into fine silver, rendering them essentially 2 dimensional, and sometimes remaining as 3 dimensional linear constructions; the presentation of both increases the visual dialogue in the work.

Julie Connellan
Julie Connellan seeks in her work to open a dialogue between the object, the wearer and the observer. She says: "The pieces harbour hidden narratives in their material and form which invite the observer to make a connection between what is being said and the viewer’s own personal experiences andassociations." Connellan works with different materials - some traditional such as silver, steel, cooper or tin - some unusual for example rubber or turf.

Lynsay Raine
Lynsay Raine grew up in Belfast, beginning training as a metalsmith in Dublin, before completing a contemporary jewellery degree during her eight years living in Auckland. Raine has exhibited her work in solo shows and group exhibitions throughout Europe and Australasia. Raine currently uses casting techniques and resin materials, however metal techniques also remain as a common thread in her work. In 2013 Raine made jewellery for Principle cast members for the film Dracula Untold for Costume Designer Ngila Dickson.

Justyna Truchanowska
Justyna Truchanowska, another exhibiting artist with Slavic roots, is intrigued by the forms and colours, which occur in nature. She adds: "The process of design development involved the photographing, painting and drawing of various plants, seeds, pods etc. Subsequently, I created a series of models for jewellery based on a variety of simple forms." The colours of her jewellery are also an interpretation of those found in nature. Another source of inspiration is ethnic jewellery, in particular work from Africa and Tibet. In her latest collection Truchanowska combines hand-made 100% wool felt and silver. Geometric silver units punctuate the larger felt pieces, accentuating their organic texture. This jewellery presents a unique reflection of nature whilst keeping pace with contemporary practice.

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04 April to 09 May 2014


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