Interactive Map: Traditional Textile Crafts of Ireland

22 December 2015

Interactive Map: Traditional Textile Crafts of Ireland

Ever wanted to know about the history of textiles in Ireland?
We like this new interactive StoryMap called ‘Traditional Textile Crafts of Ireland’ which you can view here

Featuring lots of useful information like:

•    Hand weaving tweed was historically associated with County Donegal from the 1800s and a good weaver could produce 30 yards of tweed cloth per day.

•    The Poor Clare Nuns came to Kenmare in County Kerry in 1861 and developed Kenmare Lace with women in the locality.

•    In 1825 Joanna Carter set up a school in Mountmellick, County Laois to teach what later came to be known as Mountmellick Embroidery.

See more here.

This interactive StoryMap was created by Paul Murphy, the Managing Director of Murphy of Ireland, an Irish heritage clothing retailer in business for over seventy-five years, based in Co. Donegal in Ireland.

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